Dear Friends of Stocks in the Future,

We hope that you are safe and healthy during this difficult and uncertain time. I want to share how SIF is faring, as small businesses and nonprofits are being hard hit, and I ask for your support during this challenging period.

In the words of Charles Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” When the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning to make news, we were busily preparing for another successful March Market Madness and the celebration of our 20-year anniversary. Fast forward to today, and we are experiencing an unimaginable situation.

Yes, it is a time of hardship for SIF. Needless to say, schools are not in normal operation which has put our program a little off track. March Market Madness, our signature fundraiser was postponed, and our board members, who we heavily depend on to solicit support for SIF, mainly work in the finance industry and are working overtime coping with stock market volatility. This leaves us in a vulnerable position.

However, it is also a time of hope: now more than ever, people care, people are uniting, and we will move forward.

  • We are fortunate that SIF is well-positioned for remote learning. We have been in contact with our teachers and principals and have shared the adjustments we have made so that students can access our resources and continue their financial literacy education. Our teachers have responded with enthusiasm and are thrilled to have SIF as an additional resource for remote learning.
  • Our resilient and determined staff is working hard to keep us afloat. Presently, we are in the process of seeking government assistance. We even have JHU student employees working from North Carolina, Texas, and New York City putting in time to assist us!
  • We are are working with our Board Chair, Brandon Croxton, to turn March Market Madness into a virtual event to regain a portion of the critical revenue we were counting on. While just in the beginning stages, we’ve come up with some fun, creative ideas to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Stay tuned for more information!

During this global pandemic people are showing support for small businesses, and we ask that you remember the needs of small nonprofits such as ours. It will take time for us to regain footing–and time is of the essence. Please make any donation you can, large or small, to help SIF weather these times. We need your support now more than ever.
Thank you for your continued support of Stocks in the Future. COVID-19 will never stop the good that we do!


Executive Director, Rebecca Lange-Thernes