SIF Students in Action

The SIF 6th grade students from Hamilton Elementary Middle School Ingenuity Program  studied Coca-Cola and Underarmor’s stock charts. They learned what a blue chip stock is and also the importance of keeping up with current events to understand today’s market. We thank them for letting us visit their class! 

Thank you to Ms. Jackson, an extraordinary SIF teacher

At Stocks in the Future, we have a team of pretty amazing teachers. We would like to take this opportunity to spotlight one of them, Ms. Jackson from New Song Academy. In her
second year with SIF, Ms. Jackson appreciates how her students learn how to manage their money and learn skills that are helpful in real world situations. Ms. Jackson is a teacher with positive energy, patience, dedication, and a kind heart. We are lucky to have her. Thank you, Ms. Jackson!

Thank you for making our latest event, Poker Night, a success!

Thank you for making SIF’s Poker Night a success! It was an event full of fun and a great way for people to learn about Stocks in the Future. Thanks to all who organized the event and participated. A good time was had by all!

Meet our Alum, Nathan

One of the greatest joys we have at Stocks in the Future is to reconnect with SIF alum as they make their transfer. (Students who are eligible to take their virtual portfolios and make it their own.) These are mini reunions where we talk about the past and celebrate the future.


Just this past week, we connected with Nathan who participated in the Stocks in the Future program at Hamilton Elementary Middle School. He is now attending UMBC and majoring in math. Once he graduates college, he plans is to become a math teacher! When he has completed his bachelor’s degree, he’ll take an intensive master’s program where he can go quickly into teaching. 


Nathan was asked about his experience in SIF and his memories are rich! “I recall the time The Maryland State Comptroller visited our SIF class. He congratulated us for our work in SIF and encouraged us to continue learning financial concepts. He gave our teacher a medal for her efforts in teaching the class. I also remember taking a couple class trips. One was to Towson University to visit their trading room floor and the other was going to Enoch Pratt Central to celebrate our completion of SIF.” When asked about his favorite experiences with SIF, he responded, “Most definitely, it was the time I was invited to attend The Mid-Atlantic Traderman’s Association Conference with SIF Executive Director, Ms. Thernes at the Four Seasons Hotel. That day, we attended some of the sessions and also made a presentation about SIF during a luncheon.” Nathan also recalls a valuable connection made while in the program and after the program. “My grandfather and I developed a special bond as we talked about the investing. He has a special interest in stocks and we continue our conversation about investing to this very day. He in fact, helped me develop a portfolio along with what happened at SIF.”


Nathan has big plans for his portfolio as he goes into the future. He understands the need to save for emergencies and investing in big projects such as purchasing a house and retirement. “We developed a rich vocabulary while in the program. I continue to use and understand these words as I make my way into my financial future.”

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