How We Work

[ribbon]How our program works in schools[/ribbon]

  • Principals select students whose attendance and school performance need improvement and designate teachers from varying disciplines.
  • Classes meet once a week during the school day.
  • Given a scripted curriculum, teachers impart investment fundamentals that reinforce mathematics, reading and social studies skills.
  • Teaching tools are workbooks, textbooks, research and quizzes on the dedicated webpage.
  • Students record their weekly attendance and quarterly grades on the SIF website and check investments on personalized portfolio pages.
  • Perfect weekly school attendance and improvements in mathematics and reading grades enables students to “earn” SIF dollars used to purchase publicly-traded company stocks.
  • The potential earnings are $80 a year.
  • Investments accumulate during three years. When ‘graduating’ from middle school, students continue tracking their portfolios on-line and can make stock trades once a year.
  • When graduating from high school and turning eighteen, ownership of stock transfers to students’ names.

[ribbon]Student Earning Potential[/ribbon]

How Do I Earn Stock? Total Possible Per Quarter Total Possible
Per Year
Perfect attendance including the SIF class earns $1 each week. $8 to $10 (depending on the number of weeks) $36
Perfect attendance for an entire quarter, earns $1 bonus. $1 $4
Improving your reading grade earns $2. $2 $8
Improving your math grade earns $2. $2 $8
Reading grade at A or A- earns $3 or $2 for a B+, B, or B-. $3 $12
Math grade at A or A- earns $3 or $2 for a B+, B, or B-. $3 $12
Total Possible Earnings = $80

[ribbon]Stock Selection[/ribbon]