Stocks in the Future (SIF) stands with Black Lives Matter and the many individuals speaking out against systemic racism. SIF educates students in majority-Black and underserved areas of Baltimore City and provides them with the resources to thrive and the incentive to invest in their futures. We acknowledge the long road ahead in the fight for racial justice, but we would like to commemorate this landmark Juneteenth of 2020.

Financial literacy education is instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty that grips Baltimore’s Black community. We ask you to spend a little time reflecting on the importance of SIF and other like programs in our community.

Please read a brief but powerful message from our Board Chair, Brandon Croxton, as you reflect:

Dear SIF community,

In recent weeks we have witnessed the devastating occurrence of yet another series of acts of police brutality against Black people in this country. Each has yielded death and pain. My six-year-old son saw a bit of the coverage of George Floyd’s death and the aftermath on the news. He was confused. He was trying to understand what happened and asked, “why did the policeman do that?” Even when delivering the message using words and context he could process, watching him lose a piece of his innocence was a gut-wrenching experience.

Racism is an insidious, systemic problem in our country. It fuels so much disparity in so many areas including health, housing…and education. Before her retirement, my grandmother was an assistant principal at an elementary school in Baltimore City. She believed that education was the key to success in this country. It was her passion. She instilled that passion and belief in me. This, along with my own beliefs in investing and financial responsibility, is why I am so passionate about SIF. My resolve to ask you to join me in supporting Stocks in the Future has been made even stronger by what we see happening in our country today.

At this time, you may be asking yourself what you can do to help. To make things better. To impact change. One thing you can do is support SIF. As a supporter of the SIF’s financial literacy education program, you have a direct impact on reducing inequities in education in the Baltimore area. Your donation in support of the students and neighborhoods we serve is a way to fight racism, injustice, and to break generational curses.

As we watch protests across the country, remember we all have a responsibility to make our country live up to its founding principles for all of its citizens. We can change the lives of young boys and girls in Baltimore who will go on to make greater impacts in the future so that we can someday make the promise of America a reality for all of its children. 

I thank you for joining me in supporting Stocks in the Future.