Stocks in the Future’s mission is to develop highly motivated middle school students who are eager to learn and dedicated to attending class through the use of incentives coupled with a financial literacy curriculum focused on investing that reinforces Math, Language Arts and Social Studies.


Stocks in the Future’s vision is to see middle school students thrive in their classrooms, homes, and neighborhoods by investing in their financial future and themselves.


SIF develops curriculum to give middle school students real-world financial education that is not provided in schools today. SIF teaches underserved middle school students personal finance skills to empower each student to take control of their financial and academic future.


Educate, Encourage, Empower

We are a 501c3 organization which provides a three-year financial literacy curriculum for middle-school students in under-served communities. Developed at Johns Hopkins University, we introduce students to business concepts, expansion possibilities, reasons for taking a company public, and ways to compare company performances. As students learn, they earn money by attending school regularly and improving grades. Earnings up to 80 SIF dollars each year enables students to purchase publicly traded company stocks that become theirs when graduating from high school and turning eighteen. Academic fundamentals are reinforced throughout.